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If you currently own a home, or are planning to buy or sell a home, the following information will help you to take action to improve the Energy Efficiency, Reduce the Carbon Footprint and Reduce the Fuel Bill. These actions will also help to add value to the home.

With homes producing over a quarter of the UK’s carbon emissions, the onus of reducing their carbon footprint has never been greater for householders.

We all need to take responsibility to help reduce the amount of energy we use and it is sometimes confusing to know what can be done and what should be done. The fact is that improvements will have to be made and the sooner these are completed the sooner the benefits will be realised.

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) provides a report which details the possible improvements for a particular home and are now required as part of the Home Information Pack (HIP) for all homes that are sold. If you have purchased or are selling a home ask to see the full EPC Report. All homes will need to get an EPC.

Four industries have combined their expertise to help you with this process by explaining the facts and providing guidance of where to go to get help.

Heating: Over 80% of energy used in the home is for the provision of heating and hot water. Find out why you should be replacing your old “G” rated boiler with an “A” rated one and much more by clicking here.

Insulation: All homes need to be fully insulated, to find out why, how and where to go click here.

Glazing:  Efficient glazing is a major energy saver in both carbon impact and cost of heating in homes, find out about the latest “A” rated windows and how to find a registered installer.  Click here.

Lighting: Find out about the latest developments in low energy lighting and what is currently available.  Click here.

Energy Performance Certificates: Provides a report which details the possible improvements for each individual home. To find out how to get one and much more click here.

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